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The Lifehacker’s Guide to Living with Less Plastic from Onya Life

Posted by Helen Cowell on

Plastic has become one of the most harmful materials to our environment.

From polluting oceans and harming wildlife, to filling up landfills for decades without decomposing, this material is having devastating short term and long term effects on our planet.

The main culprits are the companies producing these products. Plastic is cheap, economical, and easy to mold, so it’s no wonder its use is so rampant.

Our society has become increasingly dependent on plastic products, so making the shift to living with less plastic (and, eventually, living plastic-free) can be a challenge.

To help point those who want to make the shift to a plastic-free lifestyle in the right direction, we decided to put together this guide to reducing your plastic use. Think of it as a “cheat sheet” to living plastic-free.

This guide will give you information on what it’s like to live plastic-free, how to fit a plastic-free lifestyle into your budget, how to minimize plastic in the most important areas of your life, and much more.

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