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Avanti 5cm Mesh Tea Ball Stainless Steel

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Did you know most teabags contain plastic? Either in the bag itself or on the seamline at the top of the bag! YUK right!

Let’s get our tea plastic free by going back to loose leaf and a teapot. For those times you only want a single cup though, this handy tea ball will be perfect!

Simply open the mesh ball, fill it with approximately 1x tablespoon of loose leaf tea, and close.
Use the hook to clip the chain onto the side of an empty mug and place the mesh ball at the bottom of the mug.
Pour freshly boiled water into the mug and let it brew until it reaches desired strength.

Caution: Mesh ball will be hot. When removing the mesh ball from the mug use an oven mitt as the stainless steel will conduct heat from the boiled water or simply wait for it to cool.

Hand wash with a mild detergent and dry thoroughly.

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