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HeaterMate Plug-in Thermostat - Save Power

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Accurately control room temperature & save energy

The majority of electric heaters and many window air-conditioners lack the ability to correctly sense and control the actual room temperature.

Unlike heater or air-conditioners thermostats, the HeaterMate measures the actual room temperature and precisely controls it by turning the appliance ON and OFF at the powerpoint.

It is now well known that every 1˚C of unnecessary heating adds around 10% to your heating bills. The reverse is true for cooling. In our experience electric heating is a primary driver of high electricity bills.

HeaterMate Features:

  • Simultaneously displays current room temperature and set temperature.
  • Digital thermometer function in stand-by.
  • Back-up battery allows setting it out of mains socket and stores set point.
  • Easy room temperature setting by pressing UP and DOWN buttons.
  • Can be used to control heater in winter and air-conditioner or fans in summer
  • Colour LED status indicator: Red = Controlled Unit is OFF. Green = Controlled Unit is ON

NB : It is not recommended that you use the HeaterMate on heaters that draw more than 2,300W. So you can still use it on a 2,500W heater, but only if a lower heat mode or setting is selected.

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