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The Family Hub Organics Vegan Food Wraps - Starter Set of 2

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Vegan food wraps are a fantastic alternative to single use glad wrap/plastic wrap/cling film.

Save money, avoid food waste, help the environment and add some colour to your kitchen with a set of 2 medium size vegan wraps to suit all kinds of uses.

Handmade in Western Australia using pure vegetable wax, organic jojoba oil and ethically grown and harvested food grade tree gum. *Pine Resin is not used.

Starter Set contains 2 wraps**:
1 × 23cm x 23cm wrap
1 × 30cm x 30cm wrap

Reusable, Washable, Compostable.
Lasts 12 months+ with proper care.

  • NB : Patterns and colour of wraps are assorted and selected at random. If you would like to choose from available stock, please call and an email or SMS photo of available stock can be sent to you.

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